Benefits of Using Dry Cleansers

Where Did Dry Cleansing Start?

The method of using dry cleansers has actually been around for centuries, however, it’s still unknown and unfamiliar to many people buying skin care products. For hundreds of years, Japanese geishas have used komenuka (Japanese rice bran) to polish and clean their skin. The rice bran gently exfoliates the skin without stripping away natural oils that give their skin its beautiful porcelain complexion

Why Haven’t I Heard of Dry Cleansing?

Dry Cleansers, or powder cleansers as they are often referred to, are surprisingly common. However, the education behind how and why using dry cleansers is beneficial is severely lacking.

At Here, our goal is to bridge the gap between the traditional way people think about washing their face, and offer a new approach to dry cleansing backed by educational tools.


What Makes Dry Cleansing Different?

  • The main difference between dry and traditional cleansers is dry cleansers start out completely dry until exposed to some sort of moisture.
  • Although water is the most common “activator,” dry cleansers are customizable and can even be blended with oils to create a more hydrating, nourishing cleanse.
  • Having ingredients in dry form ensures maximum freshness, consistency and efficacy with each use. Traditional cleansers begin oxidizing once opened, meaning the ingredients lose their potency and after time may not be effective at all. If left long enough, these products could even be harmful to put on your skin. Since dry cleansers are free of moisture until activated, oxidation isn’t a concern.
  • Convenience. Dry cleansers eliminate the risk of messy spills and being liquid-free makes them travel-friendly.

What are the Benefits of Dry Cleansing?

The specific benefits of a dry cleanser vary from product to product depending on the ingredients, however, mostly all share these benefits:

  • Exfoliate – Whatever dry form the ingredients come in (powder, granules, grains, etc.) there is almost always some type of exfoliant. Exfoliating is an essential part of any skin routine.
  • Freshness & Quality – Being liquid-free eliminates the oxidation process that makes other products less effective once opened. Staying dry until activated ensures quality and consistency with each use.
  • Customizable – Experiment using more or less liquid, or combining oils instead of water for a more nourishing cleanse.
  • Portable – Easy to throw in a bag without having to worry about spills or travel restrictions.


Just Add Water.